The real neoprene

For the creation of LOOMLOOM MILANO bags and accessories, we use only the original neoprene scuba textile, as is employed in the manufacture of scuba-diving suits.

Neoprene is a registered trademark for the synthetic rubber compound made of polychloroprene. It was invented by DuPont in the 1930s.

LOOMLOOM chose to use only this excellent, certified neoprene, with a Limestone base in layers 3 mm and 5 mm thick.

Neoprene does not contain latex. It is not made from fossil fuels and is non-allergenic.

The name neoprene is often used improperly and many manufactured goods marked "neoprene" currently on the market use alternative materials and fabrics that are anything but neoprene.

The soul, however, is just a part of the material used by LOOMLOOM to make bags and accessories. Neoprene sheets are coupled, on both sides, with 100% polyester fabric. The colors are carefully chosen and often made at the express request of the designer. Thus they embody the term "garment" for all LOOMLOOM creations.

The matching fabric is often white. This is subsequently printed with a sublimation process to create unique, very special patterns and decorations.

The properties of neoprene are exceptional and unique:

  • it's extremely porous, so light , soft and ductile. At the same time very sturdy, to the point many of the LOOMLOOM bags can hold up to 40 Kg in weight;
  • it offers excellent thermal insulation, and is inert to chemicals, oils and solvents. It can withstand even the most extreme climatic conditions;
  • the spongy, elastic structure makes it resistant to vibrations, impacts, cuts and flattening, abrasions and tearing;
  • it is, of course, waterproof;
  • it's washable at 30 degrees, even in a washing machine.